Gary is a car interface for modern people

Control every car setting with your phone or in-vehicle touchscreen, from AC to AC/DC

Hands full? Say "Gary, open the trunk!" or "unlock the door!"

Share your car with other Gary users and set speed or location restrictions

Gary creates new in-vehicle experiences

Download new apps through the Bazaar, just like on your other devices

Enjoy in-drive video and music streaming through your favorite apps during long road trips

Sing karaoke with friends and then post a group pic to the gram

Please use autonomous mode or a ridehailing service when enjoying in-vehicle experiences

Gary connects you to your city

Make dinner reservations while in traffic

Shop for groceries on the 405, 110, 101, 5, and other freeways

Order a coffee and pick it up on the morning commute

You spend a lot of time in your car.

Shouldn't it do more than get you from A to B?